Monday, August 30, 2010

A Day in Chicago

This past Saturday I spent in Chicago with two of my very best friends. Only two of us are attending college in Michigan, while my other friend Allison, is done with school and working in my beloved Wisconsin. The three of us girls haven't all been together since the holidays so this outing was warmly welcomed. I was dying for some girl time. Chicago was the half way point, so that's where we spent our day. After a short detour through Chinatown, we made it to Millennium Park. I finally got to see the bean! Our day was spent walking through the park, talking, taking pictures and eating Cheetos and Chex mix. We had simple worship together and spent some time praying; so thankful for the time we got to spent together before Ally goes to the Philippines for a mission trip. So here's to weekends, the windy city, and friends. Best friends.
Photo Credit: Mariel Torres and Yours Truly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Bug

I'm getting the back to school bug. You'd think that after 14 years the excitement of a new school year would rub off; it has some, but the urge to buy school supplies has not. The sad part is that not nearly the same amount of supplies are needed for college. No crayons, markers, glue stick, finger paint. Now all I need to buy is clicky pencils, notebooks, and textbooks. This isn't to say that I won't buy the former anyway. I am excited about my English Literature textbook; it's massive. The most exciting thing about this textbook: I was able to get it used! (I bought mine too late last semester and had to get almost all new textbook. boo.)

I'm also excited about my desk. It's usually my favorite part of my dorm room, or maybe it's my bed... Sadly I don't see that as often as I would like.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Accomplice in My Own Frustration

You know those times when you feel completely frustrated, over numerous things but mostly one thing, and you can't think of one legitimate reason to feel the way you do? Yeah, I hate those times. "Those times" happens to be now. I hate that "just because" is never good enough. I want to bake an apple pie, please.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer in a Nutshell

What is it about school that makes me excited and anxious and dreadful all at the same time? Here I am again getting ready for another school year. It seems crazy that I'm already headed into my third year of college. This summer has been really great, and I truly did need it. I can't say that I accomplished everything I hoped to, but I learned alot about cooking, my family and myself. I'm sad to leave home. Especially since I won't be coming back for more that a couple weeks at a time. Here is Summer 2010 in a nutshell:

pie. fresh basil. painting. baking. swimming. anniversaries. sweet little girl.
fairs. family. bikes. boyfriend. driving. water parks. chocolate. rain. sweet corn.
green beans. love stories. farmers market. books. cousins. concerts.
cleaning. babysitting. cookies.
laughing. loving. learning. growing. praying.

My last care-free summer is coming to an end; it's bittersweet. Tomorrow I start the 8 hour trip to Michigan... to work... to classes. But I'm anticipating great things for the next school year and the beginning of my adulthood life. Things like meeting new people, enjoying all my english classes, my new job, being with my best friend, spending time with old friends and growing closer to God. Here's to Summer 2010 and here's to the start of another school year.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010