Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Fotographias

Someone you spend a lot of time with:
Sam Schultz. We spend loads of time together. Though, not much time this summer :(

A picture of yourself:
A random photo of you and your significant other:
We are the coolest people I know.

A picture of something/someone that makes you happy:
Morgan Ruth, my niece, makes me happy quite often.

An old picture of yourself:
A picture of you and your siblings:
All five :)

A picture you have never posted on your blog:
Lookout Mountain. Chattanooga, Tennessee. March, 2009.

A picture of a person who knew you then and now:
Marlyn Santiago. Friends in highschool, roommates in college.

A picture of your favorite place:
Right There.

A person you can tell anything:
Mariel Torres from Mariel's Window, knows many of my deepest, darkest, secrets.

A picture of your everyday life:
The mound of laundry I hauled home for Spring Break. Record of 3 weeks without spending money for laundry. Success!

A picture from a place you love:
Farmland. Country-side. Fields of any kind. Not town.

A picture that reminds you of great times:
Camp Wakonda. Summer, 2009. SO many great times and memories. I used to think it was kind of cheesy when people called it "a place set apart," but that is exactly what it is and I don't think there is a better way to describe it.

A picture of someone you miss:
Always missin' this little girl.

A picture of one of your favorite foods:
Cream of Broccoli soup in a bread bowl. Heaven.

A picture from the best day of your life:
The day the packers won the Super Bowl. *sigh of happiness*

A picture that always makes you laugh:
Well, doesn't it make you laugh?

A picture of your spare time:
Bookstores. Reading.

A photo from a great night:
4th of July, 2008. Three Words <3

The person who knows you the best:
My amazing mother. She was a stay-at-home mom while all of us kids were little and we have stayed close even as I have grown up. I think it's safe to say that she knows me the best.

A picture of someone you always have fun with:
Allison Hanaway. Always having a fun time with this girl.

A picture of your parents when they were your age:
My age is pretty much the average of their ages in this picture. And, yes, they are still together :)

A picture from last summer:
Two of my most favorite people in the world!

A picture of your closest friend of the opposite sex:
This is my first summer at camp, his second, and our first summer dating.

A picture from your favorite vacation:
Spring Break '09. Road trip from Green Bay, Wisconsin to Orlando, Florida!

A picture of an accomplishment:
Highschool Graduation. Class of 2008.

A picture of your closest friend:

A picture from a photo-booth:
Back when Ally came to visit!

A picture that makes you smile:
Cousins are the best. Sisters too.

A picture of someone you never want to let go of:
Never ever. One summer is bad enough.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swing, swing.

I'm out running (but mostly walking) this morning when I pass by the elementary school in Chetek. Across the softball field I can see all the little kids outside for recess. It takes me a second to realize that the children flying through the air are, indeed, on swings-- soaring through the crystal-blue sky with absolute, unadulterated, freedom and abandon.

Swinging is the best because it's everything in only two simple movements. A swing doesn't strap you in, but it still gives you something to hang on to(oh, the metephors!). Whoever invented the simplistic ease and excitement of the swing was a genius. And that is all I have to say.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Prayer and Praise

At my small church in Rice Lake, WI, prayer and praise could be its own event. Which wouldn't be so bad, when you think about it. Being able to share your concerns, problems, faith, and praise is healing. There is something really great about being able to share, out loud, to people who will take up your burden as their own- who will take your joy as their own.

Last Saturday, my Grandpa raised his hand during prayer and praise. This is so uncommon that I actually had to look behind to see who was talking. When I did I saw my grandfather. Praising God for his family- his wife, children, grandchildren. I heard him praise God for our church family- for being there for him and for praying for him. It was just one of those moments when I was so very happy to be where I was. So happy that I was able to hear those words.