Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Special Guest

Today's special guest comes to us all the way from... wait for it... Wisconsin! She is a 19 year old college student who is taking this semester off to embark on a journey of a lifetime. She has been mentioned in my blog many times before, but today she gets a name and a face. LeAnne Michelle Cunningham is my sister and the youngest of my 4 siblings. She was born on April 9, 1992. With her birth she brought the biggest blizzard of the year.
LeAnne likes to spend her time reading books such as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Kite Runner, The Hobbit and Pet Semetary. Other activities she enjoys are playing "Zelda" on the N64 and watching "The Mighty Boosh." She usually has good taste in music and listens to a wide variety. Some of her favorite bands/artists are: The Smiths, Tegan and Sara, Celine Dion, Jack Johnson, ABBA, Josh Groban, and Fleet Foxes. Her favorite color is blue, although coral is definitely a close second. She also spends her time going to awesome places like Germany, working at her produce stand, and going on mission trips.
LeAnne graduated from Wisconsin Academy in 2010 and spent her first year of college at University of Wisconsin Barron County. Like I mentioned earlier, she is taking this semester off to go on a mission trip to the Philippines with one of my best friends, Allison from The Sisters Hanaway. They will be continuing some of the work Ally and her sister Samantha were a part of during their mission work.

We have always been close growing up, but for more about that read here. This summer we have spent the most time together than we have in the past three years. It was ok, I guess ;)

I think it's clear who got the good-looking genes in our family.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here We Go Again.

I have been extremely negligent in my blogging this summer. Since I haven't updated for the past three months I'm finding it rather difficult to condense the whole summer into one post. But I will because 1. I am lazy; 2. School has already started and I massive amounts of reading to accomplish; 3. nothing terribly interesting happened this summer. However, it was, over-all, a pretty great summer.To kick it all off my very generous brother and sister-in-law let me tag-along with them on a vacation to Florida! I got to babysit my niece, Morgan, and lay out at the beach.

On the way home I stopped in Milwaukee to spend some time with my friends, Mariel and Allison. Mariel showed us all around Milwaukee. We spend an amazing day together, despite a insistent, not to mention old, business man from "out of town."

I got to spend some time at home, which was greatly needed and always appreciated. My sister and I rode bikes quite a bit.

I had planned on taking a math course over the summer, but it fell through and I was left with nothing to do and no money to do it. Luckily, my friend Ally hooked me and my sister up with a job in Green Bay picking and selling strawberries. It ended up being almost as fun as it looks in the picture. Staying with Allison and her family was amazing. Their hospitality is beyond measure.
The farm we worked on is called Sunny Hill and they really do have the best strawberries (not to mention corn) in the area. Surprisingly, I didn't get sick of eating them.

Josh Groban came to Green Bay. I am seriously at a loss for words to describe how amazing this concert was. He puts on SUCH a great show, and I love him.

Six Flags! It was great, but the older I get the harder this place is on my stomach. Superman was pretty awesome though. Also, why the heck did they get rid of Dejavu (sp?)?!

And now for the "fun" part. Fall semester 2011 has officially begun. Strangely, it feels good to be back. One of my professors went off in class about how much she loves being in school; the structure, environment, ect. While I really want to be done with school (mainly so I can start paying off my loans), I can definitely understand her point of view. After going to school for 15 years it pretty much becomes a comfort zone. What isn't comfortable about this semester is my work load. Below is an incomplete book-list for my two Literature classes. Add Psychology, Spanish, and a religion course chock full of busy work and I have a complete load.
However, I am prepared:
So that's that. And maybe when I feel more inspired I will write more. As can be expected, "What I'm Reading" posts are sure to come.