Setting the Scene

English Major
Studying in Michigan
Wisconsin grown
Trying to stay grounded
In love with Sam Schultz
Drive a Toyota Corolla with a make-shift, wire door handle
Living in a cheap apartment with noisy neighbors
I waste a lot of time on Pinterest
Looking through my pictures can entertain me for hours
I love blueberries with all my heart
Currently working through an existential dilema
College is confusing
I don't like having to choose a favorite book or author. But I admire C.S. Lewis
I am a Seventh-day Adventist. It's not a cult. It's just biblical. And truth-searching
"I cannot brag of my love for God because I fail Him daily. But I can brag about His love for me because it never fails."
I will also brag about my adorable niece and nephew
I do crazy things like ride my bike to Taco Bell

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